Our first conversation was through text
We were sitting in the same room
Without the “will he or will he not reply” anxiety
I was talking while you were typing
Because you were unable to speak
You were sweet but kind of impulsive
You met me out of recommendation
After a wisdom tooth extraction
For God’s sake, your mouth was bleeding
And there is such a thing as rescheduling

When my friend said he would offer me a unicorn
I honestly thought he would give me a stuffed animal
Instead, he told me about you
Saying I fit your type perfectly
He said you liked small aggressive girls
And I was pushy to say the least
A little insulted but I said yes anyway
It beats swiping through Tinder mistakes

Though, I’d assume we’d have at least two dates max
Knowing my luck with love and relationships
None of them made it past six months
But my friend said you were different
Still doubtful, I gave it shot
Who knew two years later here we are?
Days filled with matcha conversations,
Star Wars references, and mundane recollections
Random thoughts and weird quotable quotes

I remember the moment I wanted to keep you
One, few, too many manic episodes
You never gave up on me
There were days I was afraid you’d walk out
Realize I was more of a burden than a girlfriend
You were patient enough to understand
Stayed, helped, rooted, and loved
Two years and counting

Our first conversation was through text
Thank God you typed “Angels and Airwaves”

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  1. Haha, this was the perfect combination of poignant and entertaining…
    Looking forward to reading more from you, Louie! ❤


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