Dear Mr. President,
I hear sirens every night
They are like lullabies
To sleep away the nightmares,
To escape the monsters lurking,
Only because I’m safe inside

Meanwhile, those who have no homes
Feet connected to the streets
Found safe haven on the concrete
Are running from men in uniforms
To haul them into a crowded cell
For a crime that makes no sense

Dear Mr. President,
I hear sirens and they keep me up
I may not hear the screams
Or children crying
I’m too afraid to witness
The hell you are creating

I guess the youth is your new target
But you haven’t expanded your scope
You’re still on a rampage against
Those born without silver spoon privileges,
Whose homes are made from scraps
Of unaffordable luxuries

Dear Mr. President,
You say this is for protection
You promise children safety
But you’re giving them hell to pay
Bargained their lives, handing them abuse
Throwing them into a pit of exploitation
So you could rescue your narcissism

Dear Mr. President,
There are people dying every day
And it’s hard to witness
A leader be part of a process
Of elimination of unfair condemnation
You’re pulling the strings of executions
For a crime that doesn’t make any sense

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