This room forgot to be a room
Twinkling lights which once
Draped wall to wall
Replaced by the color grey
Decorated with subtle cracks and uneven coating
The windows have gotten smaller
Only blessed by a few hints of sunlight
We are damned if the skies
Decide to be a cloudy day

You could almost feel the hours tick
And the minutes lingering
There’s no clock in sight
Instead, time is told by familiar sounds
Heard from the world outside
You can try opening the door
But it’s locked from the inside out

The ticks and tocks are replaced
With the howls of lonely dogs
And the commuter’s beeping horns
Both are deafening and almost reassuring

You try too hard to be preoccupied
Distracted in a room which was not a room
Counting unimaginable dates and seconds
Holding on to some kind of hope
That you will hear the door unlocked

Happy New Year

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