I spent most of my money on going to the doctor. Right now, we do not have the best health care in the world but we still have decent doctors –they just cost a lot. As part of my pre-employment requirements, I needed a medical certificate indicating I was fit to work. This included a medical exam where I found out I had mild scoliosis.

My scoliosis is mild enough for me not to need a back brace or physical therapy however the doctor recommended a more physically active lifestyle. He told me to exercise more and maybe try yoga. I’ve always wanted to try yoga or go wall-climbing but always had an excuse not to do it. Now after hearing a doctor tell me to be more physically active, I want to take it seriously.

So, as I continue with these monthly goals I’ve realized I didn’t actually do much for the short month of February. I spent most of my time scouring job listings, going to countless interviews, and preparing for my new job. Instead, I will write what I wish to do (or what I should’ve done in the first place).

A Healthier Diet

A bright pink template with pictures of salad, salmon, and flavored water with text saying "Eat Healthy Now: Avocado Toast is optional"

I met a 27-year-old with cholesterol problems. They were too young to have that sort of health issue but one’s bad diet habits catches up sooner than later. It got me thinking about my own diet whether or not it was healthy. Then after digging through my head about the meals I’ve eaten I came to the conclusion that I was not as healthy as I am supposed to be.

It wasn’t until late 2018 when I took eating healthy seriously. I gave up on greasy food, chips, and as much as possible cut down on the sweets. Drinking more water is also on the agenda as well as eating more veggies and fruits. So, my parents were right about eating vegetables –I now curse my 7-year-old self for refusing to eat anything green and leafy.

Exercise More and Maybe do Yoga

A bright pink template with pictures of two women doing yoga poses with the text "Yoga Time? Ready to pose"

Since my scoliosis is mild enough not to have a back brace or physical therapy, my doctor still told me to be physically active. He even suggested Yoga.

Yoga exercises your entire body, stretches, and tones the muscles and joints –especially the spine and the entire skeletal system. It has a beneficial effect on the body frame but also to the internal organs keeping all systems healthy. However, Yoga also has an emotional and mental effect such as relaxation, reducing stress, and even mindfulness (which is something I am still working on).

Maybe aside from thinking of a gym membership or doing the basics, Yoga can be added to the routine.

Investing in Health Insurance and Routine Check-ups

I rarely go to the doctor mostly because check-ups alone are pricey. Public hospitals are packed which makes it seem like the lines never end meanwhile Private clinics cost a lot. Most of my excuses fall in the lines of “having no time” or being too busy to visit the doctor.

Now that I’m in my 20s health should be a priority which includes doctor visits. Luckily, I will now receive health insurance so maybe it wouldn’t be too heavy in the pockets. Even though I have been given a clean bill of health it wouldn’t always be the case especially if I don’t do anything to maintain it.

Healthy diets and exercise are one thing but making sure my systems are in shape meant going to the doctor. I used to fear hospitals and doctors because it reminds me of bleach and bad news. However, doctors don’t always deliver bad news if more than anything they make sure no bad news will come your way.

#Adulting: The Second Stage of Puberty

As most of you know since early 2018, I have decided to take control of my life and delve right into adulthood. Unfortunately, I am still falling flat since your early 20s is considered your second adolescent years. It feels like a harsher stage of puberty because adulting involves more things you can handle.

If you’re feeling down about adulting watch this video from Wong Fu Productions. This video is what helped me realize maybe my adulting can start before I hit thirty with a thousand regrets.

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