Philippines my love, I feel crushed
Under the heavy weight of
This chaotic mess we voted ourselves in
Awaiting for some kind of miracle,
Nursing our faith because
God is the only mercy we have left
In salvaging the democracy
No one cared to save as it shattered
And our broken rights trail the streets

Messages of hope and unending
Optimism filled with rage

Praying seems like an option
Religion almost sounds like a safe haven
Embracing the masses but what kind of God
Sells the beliefs and trust of their followers
In the hands of oppression and unfair condemnation
Directed by a set of ethically unqualified politicians
Eager to reign in this murderous regime
Nourished by the unending support
They cultivated with the illusion of progress

Death has a number and it’s rising
Unfortunately, we ignore the statistics
To which we now call another ordinary day
Enraged by the truth and embracing the lies
Repeated in our history books
Tolerating more and more violations
Erasing the freedom we cherish the most

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