My fear kept your ego alive
If cruelty had a face
I’ll hand you a mirror
To know what I see
But you’ll be distracted
By your pretty smile
Like everyone else who passes you
People would often say
I should feel lucky for keeping you
That I somehow nabbed the winning prize,
Or won a million in the lottery of life
But they only saw the surface of your charm
What they do not know is that
Trying to love you
Was the worst thing I’ve ever done

You had me on my knees
Head down, repeating the same prayer
Asking for your forgiveness
As I cursed your name it felt like a sin
Convincing myself you’re worth every hit
As if the bruises would disappear
After each soft and gentle kiss
Your words were poison
Yet your touch felt like a blessing
You intoxicated my senses
Left me yearning and defenseless

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