Hold me close one more time
One more kiss,
One more touch,
And one more kind word
Before the night ends
Let us collect
Every “one more” moment
Be selfish for a while
Before they become fond nostalgia
Peeking through rose-tinted lenses
Hold my hand one more time,
Hide under the covers one more time,
And whisper pillow promises
One more time, let us stay like this
Before our days are filled with silence
That was once filled by our noise
Let us say “I love you,”
One more time
Let it fill the tension
Building between us
One more smile,
And one more night
That would lead to the next morning
Tangled legs under blankets
Your lips pressed on my shoulders
One more breakfast
Spent burning toast,
And eating runny eggs
Let us savour each “one more time”
Before we decide
It would be our last

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