It has been a while since I’ve written something I’ve liked. After listening to Ben&Ben’s Lifetime, I decided to write a reply to the protagonists’ feelings. The story on the other side of the one that got away, feelings are too complicated for a scenario like this. Maybe an apology is due but there are no words that perfectly sum up missed opportunities translated into romantic feelings. All because there’s the fear of losing someone too close to you, so you let the feeling slip away. It becomes water under the bridge without anyone else knowing.

Sadly, I can only write a few lines. Because there isn’t much to say when you’ve hurt someone you were too afraid to lose. Maybe in another life, no one ever got away.

Maybe in Another Life(time)

kaleidoscope images of a woman Photo by Diana Satellite on Unsplash
Photo by Diana Satellite on Unsplash

Maybe there is another life for us
Scribbled words and coloured lines
Three AM thoughts of the words we never said
Maybe there’s a world of memories we never had
Sorry if I tested your patience
I spent too many moments
Waiting for the right time
Lost in the white noise of traffic
Buried under the anxiety of conflicting possibilities
A life without you was a reality I was not willing to face
Getting tongue-tied and second guessing
Turned the feelings I never knew into regret
The idea of us sounded like a good dream
Now it’s tucked away in late night reflections
And decisions we lost in our sleep
But my excuses cannot bring us back
To the way were before

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