When a man tells you that he is an “old-school” kind of lover
He is not a dapper ready to sweep you off of your feet
He is no gentleman with manners or good-intentions
Careful darlings, these old school lovers think in black and white
Our new world is too colourful for them to handle
The beautiful glow of a modern woman blinds them

When they say they are old school, please don’t be fooled
They mask their true intentions through 1920’s manners
What they really mean is that they are afraid of strong women
Intimidated by a woman’s pride and self-love
A woman’s actions not orchestrated by their validation?
It is an uncomfortable thought for an old school lover

When they say they are old school, turn off your phone
God forbid, you are one of those women he hates
A woman who parades herself through numerous selfies
Feeding a hundred million followers with her skin and smiles
There’s no point in sharing, you don’t need all of this attention
Only his unwanted advances and comments matter

An “old school” lover will tell you he wants a woman who is humble
A beauty who refuses to let the world see who she truly is
I beg of you, please find the block button and mute him
When they say they are old school, be cautious
Their narcissism is too big to hold the heart
Of a woman filled with self-love

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