One foot into the door, I saw the skeletons fall
“Be my guest,” you said leading me to the bedroom
Passing the locked doors of the castle
Welcoming me in the warmth of your embrace
Saying this can be our sanctuary,
As I entered the room, I felt the cold
Your fingers caressing my lower back
Slowly, hastily gripping my hand
Carefully guiding my limbs onto the sheets
Whispering in my ear,
Begging me to turn you into the prince
You’ve re-read my pages
And said that you have crowned me as a queen
Filled the empty rooms with jewels and treasures
How can I be so cruel?
Mistaking you as the beast
Calling you Bluebeard for your kindness
Repaying your love with burned chapters
Perhaps, there’s magic in my touch
Letting you into my body, my heart
Maybe this is our fairytale
I say thank you,
I say I love you,
Biting my tongue,
For a moment, I enjoyed what poison tasted like
Walking past the broken mirrors lined in the hall
I didn’t notice the lack of windows
Trapped in the guilt you orchestrated
Let you cry my name over and over
I am sorry I couldn’t turn you into a prince
There’s no magic in me
Because all I see is the beast

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