If you ask me if I am proud
I will gladly say that I am
But there are days I often wonder
How easy life could’ve been if I was straight
I’m not daydreaming of still playing a charade
Or trying to find my way back into the closet
No, I wonder how life would be if I was straight
Not an act or a mask

If I lived my life without all the scrutiny
If I walked with my love without the discrimination
If I wear my heart on my sleeve without the fear
How would it feel like, to be straight for one day
Maybe even a year, if it had to come true
I think of this as I proudly wear my colors
What would it look like without them?
Because being straight sounds so easy

When you’re straight, you never have to come out
When you’re straight, there is no big announcement
When you’re straight, no one questions your attraction
You will never have to wear a disguise to pass
You will never walk around with a big question mark
When you’re straight, no one says that it is a phase

When you’re straight, no one asks about your genitals
When you’re straight, it feels like love is there waiting for you
You are the default, the chosen one, and the only one
There’s no other introduction except for your name
You can walk into a room hand in hand, no questions asked
When you’re straight no one will say it was a choice

People assume that to be queer is choosing oppression
As if there was any control on your part
They scream “sin!” When they see your heart
As if you willingly chose a life filled with uncertainty
As if you woke up one day and asked to be hated
As if you begged for the world to demonize your humanity
No one would ever choose this kind of masochism
If there was ever a choice, straight was the safety net

If you ask me again if I was proud
I’d gladly tell you that I am
But there has to be something better
A feeling of comfort and warmth
Something to replace the bitterness in their mouths
When they try to tolerate rather than accept
No straight person would ever have to wonder
If they should’ve been straight at all

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