Rather than new year resolutions, I decided to create new year revisions.

Earlier this year, I dubbed 2022 as✨ my renaissance. ✨ Yes, it’s weird but if I view my life as a movie or the second act of a coming of age story then I might actually start liking it. So, I thought: “why not reel my life like it was an aesthetic movie montage?”

The reason I started doing this was that I wanted to look at my life from a different lens. Maybe I could be kinder to myself and start appreciating my life a little more. Of course, I shouldn’t delude myself into thinking my life is all sunshine and Instagram filters. But I also shouldn’t take life too seriously and enjoy it a bit. One thing, I’m trying to practice is letting go and going with the flow. Since the start of the pandemic, I have been stuck in life.

Stuck in my career. Stuck in my direction and no matter what I try to do, I just feel lost. It’s normal to feel like this, but at some point, there should be a path even if the destination of said path is not final.

Not going to lie, I have a Notion board dedicated to this romanticization. I called it the (Re)vision of 2022. Clever enough. In my head, this is the part of the movie where I realize I should be making a change. This is my montage sequence. So, I have to live it until the credits.

This may not be the best coping mechanism, but it’s one that can keep all the negative thoughts and feelings at bay for a while.

Here are a few of my reels:

How about you? How’s 2022 so far for you?

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