About Dear Juliet

Dear Juliet Blog started out as an online diary for my love poems. I was 15-years-old at the time and had no idea where to place most of my poetry. Sure, Tumblr existed at the time but my aesthetic was mostly fangirl fanfiction madness, so I didn’t want to mess that up. Instead, I discovered WordPress and decided to create a blog that didn’t had Harry Styles face on it.

Why Dear Juliet? Well, being new to the whole poetry scene at 15, I was obsessed with Shakespeare and other white classical writers. Mostly Romeo & Juliet and any other movie referencing it. So, when I re-watched Letters to Juliet, the blog finally had a name. It was going to be filled with notions of love, heartache, and passion.

Of course, a few years after high school my blog changed. I was about to enter adulthood, experienced a few heartaches of my own, and discovered something new about myself. Dear Juliet felt more like a diary filled with personal experiences and confusing realizations rather than an ode to true love.

Why didn’t I change the name after more than a decade? I grew up with this blog and I would like to think it would continue to grow with me. I no longer see Dear Juliet as an online extension of myself, a sanctuary of love, or a diary. It feels more like writing a letter to remind myself that I’m doing okay.

This is a new transition in my adult life. It’s not perfect or a great success story but it’s filled with true experiences. Nothing is filtered.

Dear Juliet is a blog of letters. Letters about adulthood, relationships, and trying to understand life. Hopefully you can find comfort in my pieces.

This is how we express emotions in the digital age.

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